ERC Starting Grant call 2021 has officially opened

Dear colleague,


Following our previous update: The submission link to the ERC Starting Grant call 2021 is now available on the Funding & Tenders portal.


On the same matter, here are some of the main novelties in the 2021 ERC Starting Grant templates and information for applicants:


Part B1 (Extended Synopsis, Curriculum Vitae, Track Record)

  • The Appendix: PIs need to include "all current grants and on-going and submitted grant applications of the PI".
  • At the end of the template there is a reminder that Part B1 should be submitted as one PDF document containing ALL the elements required for evaluation and not split into separate documents as the peer reviewers will only have access to one document.


Part B2 (Scientific Proposal)

  • Page limit:
    • The new page limit for Part B2 is 14 pages.
    • The budget table and 8000-word description of resources are written into Part A, they are no longer included as part of the page limit for Part B2.
    • The ERC 2021 StG & CoG Information for Applicants document, page 53: a template for the 8000-word description of resources.


Budget Table (In the online submission form)

  • A new 'Purchase costs' category (Column C) in the budget table for projects based on actual costs (Travel & subsistence, Equipment and Other goods, works and services) in Horizon Europe:
    • Actual costs need to be specifically stated under 'Purchase costs' and separated out from the 'Other cost categories' category (Column D)
    • No changes to the cost eligibility conditions for these costs in Horizon Europe


Best wishes,

Jessica Stroweis

Head of Sector and National Contact Point (NCP)
ERC, MSCA, Social Sciences and Humanities

T. +972-3-5118171

Jerusalem, ISRAEL