ERC application - ethics updates



Dear Colleague,

Please find below two clarifications regarding the ethics in the ERC 2021 StG submission:


Q. Online ethics self-assessment free-text: the system limits the text to 2000 characters in each of the two fields. Is this a formal limit or another glitch in the system – one which will be changed to allow unlimited text as was previously possible?

A. we have consulted the IT team and the team working with the EC submission forms and they have confirmed that there is indeed an automatic limit of 2000 characters. They have reconsidered this limit and it will be raised to 5000 characters per box = 10000 in total (providing info about the limit in the help text or having a character counter). The forms for the next calls will be updated but we are not sure if the current STG forms can be updated before the call deadline (8 April). Therefore, our recommendation is to provide the detailed explanation in a separated document and uploaded the pdf file as one of the optional annexes. Please also make a reference to the annex in the Ethics text box (application form).



Q. Discrepancy between the ERC submission system and the submission guide regarding the ethics form: ticking "yes" for question 8, artificial intelligence, no additional questions pop up. However, in the PDF guide for this questionnaire, there are several additional questions that appear under this item. Could you please advise whether these additional questions are no longer relevant, or whether changes are expected in the submission system to include these questions?

A. Applicants should only respond to the questions as displayed in the online submission form – they prevail over the ones presented in the general guidelines.