Call for Articles                 volume 2 issue 1

Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health Reports ISSN: 2692-9899

Journal of Medical Case Reports and Case Series ISSN: 2692-9880

Dear Dr. Boaz Tadmor,

JCMPHR and JMCRCS are an international full text peer-reviewed open access scientific journals, providing a platform for advances in basic, translational, and clinical research.

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Given your accomplishments in your previous article entitled "Real-time IP-10 measurements as a new tool for inflammation regulation within a clinical decision support protocol for managing severe COVID-19 patients”, we are especially inviting you to submit your next papers/articles to our journals which will enhance the quality and credibility, all kinds of case reports and case series are accepted.

To make the submission: Authors are kindly requested to submit their Manuscripts as an attachment to, or else to the journals online submission portal is given below:

The last date of your Submission is 8th February 2021.

Kind Note: If you are interested to join as an editorial board member of our journal kindly submit us your cv, short biography, and photograph so that we can update our journal website. (Eligibility: MD/PhD).

Kind note: It would be so grateful if you could refer the journal to your colleagues/ researchers/ academicians to submit the unpublished articles to our journal which increases the quality and credibility of the journal, References from your end will be highly appreciated.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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Margaret Dorothy
Editorial Coordinator
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